Friday, 5 December 2014

Tableau interview questions

How many viz SQL process should I run?
How many extracts (extract type) can be used on a single server(without effecting server performance like memory) ?
What are the possible reasons for slow performance in Tableau?
How to check the performance step by step manner(DB, Report side, Network) in tableau report ?
How to improve the tableau report performance?
How we can find the tableau Report Rendering Time.?
What kind of technology is a Tableau Viz?
Is there a limit on storage space for the data?
How do you create dashboard.? Can you explain the life cycle.?
Can you explain about table calculations?
I have one scenario like Year in integer and week in String and wanted to calculate the YTD.. how to do this.?
What kind of join do you see in data blending?
What is data blending..? When do you use this.?
When do you use horizontal and vertical components?
Name the components of dashboard?
Can we have multiple value selection in parameter?
What are parameters and when do you use it?
What is the difference between tableau 7.0 and 8.0 versions?
How Does Tableau Work?
What is Tableau Reader?
What is Tableau Server?
What is Tableau Desktop?
What is the Defference between quick filter and Normal filter.?
What is the Difference between connect live and import all data and Import some data.?
How do I automate reports using Tableau software?
How does Tableau perform with huge datasets?
How is Tableau so fast when working with databases?
How many types of filters are there in Tableau.?

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