Friday, 5 December 2014

Preparation Checklist and Interview

Preparation Checklist
·         Have a summary of your background prepared and rehearsed.
·         Have at least 2 copies of your resume with you. If you have updated it recently be sure the interviewer has the updated version.
·         Have notes about the opportunity that you are being interviewed for.
·         Thoroughly explore the company website.
·         Bring a calendar with you so you can to make any necessary appointments.
·         Have a note pad and 2 working pens.
·         Have any certifications, references or reference letters ready in case you are asked.
·         If English is your 2nd language, remember to speak up, speak slowly and pause briefly after each sentence.
·         Know what the company does (products, services, market)…thoroughly explore the company’s website
·         Know what position they are talking to you about.
·         Use formal names until told otherwise.
·         Be positive and enthusiastic.
·         Have a note pad on the seat of your car and take a minute after the interview to write down any questions that you may have or any points you forgot to make.
·         Leave your cell phone, beeper, pager, etc in your car.
·         Don’t ramble on or give life history.
·         Don’t ask questions about money, benefits, holidays, etc.; avoid the “What’s in it for me?” on the first interview unless the interviewer brings it up.
·         Don’t be negative about past employers, experiences, and the economy of your current situation. If you smoke, use a breath mint before the interview.
·         Don’t chew gum during the interview.
·         Don’t leave conversations open-ended.

·         Don’t take your cell phone, beeper, pager, etc into the interview.

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