Friday, 5 December 2014

Risk Analysis and Elicitation related to Business Analyst

Topic: Risk Analysis:
Definition:    Risk analysis is a way of getting the idea of risks while developing the projects/products.

Categories of risks:
1---Technical risks
2---Requirement gathering risks
3---Operational risks
4—Planning risks
5—Designing risks
6—Technical risks
7—Marketing risks
8---Management risks
9---Political Risks
10—Financial Risks
11—Environemental risks
12—Management risks
13—Client related risks
14—Humanresource risks
15—Functional /Non Functional risks

16—Sociological risks

Topic: Elicitation:
Success at requirements management depends upon the analyst’s ability to elicit and gather the correct and complete requirements.

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Methods of Requirements Elicitation & Gathering.

Ø Brain storming:
Ø Review of existing documents :
Ø Tracing the work flow  :
Ø Business events & business usecases:
Ø Inspecting transaction documents and other reports:
Ø Existing products:
Ø Requirement workshops :
Ø Surveys :
Ø Interviews:
Ø Focus group :
Ø Process mapping :

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