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Business Analyst training updated course content

                             Course content
               Business Analyst  with Data Modelling ____________________________________
This course aims to provide participants with the solid experience and know-how to Work as a Business Analyst in various domains like Banking, HealthCare, Finance, Product.
     This course has been developed for real-world scenarios with in-depth explanations. IIBA—CBAP/CCBA/PMI and other BA related certification guidance  
 See below for detailed syllabus.

  • Importance of BA in the industry
  • Roles and Responsibilities of BA
(System Analyst,Data Analyst,Project Coordinator,Functional Analyst,SME)
  • Skills required for the role
  • Deliverables of a BA
  • How is the current market for BA
Requirement Engineering:
  • What is Requirement Engineering
  • Types of Requirements
  • Problems with Requirement Practices
  • Business Analysis Disciplines
  • Business Analysis Techniques
  • Different Requirement Engineering Tasks
  • Elicitation
  • Questions to be asked for the business team while gathering requirements
  • Change management
  • Feasibility Analysis /Risk Analysis
(Technical feasibility,Cost Feasibility,HR feasibility,Market feasibility analysis)
  • Configuration management
  • Requirement Document Template
  • Scope Management
  • Gap Analysis
  • As is & To be Process analysis
  • Dependency Analysis
  • Version Control
  • Impact Analysis
  • Requirement Issues/Solutions.
  • Interface Analysis
  • Root cause analysis (ex:ishikawa,fishbone,5whys)
  • Valuation tools and techniques(cost benefit analysis,force field analysis ,kano model,swot anlsysis etc …:)
(case studies)
Requirement Prioritization:
  • Why to prioritize requirements
  • Factors to consider while prioritizing requirements
  • Participants of Requirement Prioritization
  • The process to follow while prioritizing requirements
  • Requirement Prioritization Model
  • Techniques for Priority
SDLC & SDLC models(Methodologies):
  • What is a Software project
  • What is SDLC
  • Different phases of SDLC
  • Models of SDLC
  • Waterfall Model
  • Agile Model
  • Scrum
  • DSDM
  • RAD
  • RUP
  • Spiral
  • Prototype Model
  • Agile/Scrum
(case study on Agile/scrum)
  • BA’s involvement in SDLC phases
Functional /Non Functional Requirements
  • What are Functional & Non functional requirements
  • What is the significance Functional & Non functional requirements
  • Diffrenece between FN/NON FN requirements
(Case study)
Business Documents:
·        SRS
·        BRD
·        FRD
·        FRS
·        Reports
·        User Stories
·        Story board

  • What is an SRS document
  • What are the various sections of SRS document
  • How an SRS document is prepared
  • SRS document template
  • Banking SRS, Healthcare SRS, ERP SRS, Airline SRS.
(case studies on all documents)


·        Why diagrams ?
·        Variaous Diagrams
·        ER-Entity Relationship diagram
·        UML-(Stractural & Behavioral diagrams)
·        Usecase Diagram
·        DFD—Data Flow Diagrams
·        Flow Charts
·        MS-Visio

(case study)

System Quality Attributes:
  • What are System Quality Attributes
  • What are the various SQA
  • UML Diagrams (class, state, interaction, etc..)
·        Wireframe concepts
·        RTM concepts
·        Mockups
Testing :
  • In-depth  concepts of Software testing
  • Different types of testing
  • Difference between Manual and automation testing
  • Various levels of software testing
  • Testing artifacts
  • Step by step process of software testing
  • Test case document
  • Use Case document
  • Real life example of a test case document
  • Role of a BA during testing
Data Modeling & Data Analysis:

  • Entity, Attributes & Relationship
  • Data analysis
  • Data Models
  • Normalization & Forms
  • Data Hierechy
  • SQL Server 2012

Project Management concepts:
  • Roles and responsibilities of a project manager
  • PM & BA
Domain knowledge :
  (HIPPA, BASEL- 2 , HL7, USA Healthcare industry,Insurance,Retail)
  • Certification guidance on various
  • Free workshops
  • Mock interviews
  • FAQ s
  • Interview guidance
  • CV building
  • Blog support

              Best of luck                            

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